Bus shopping!!!

It's one of my favorite things to mention. Seeing the ideas sprout through their current state of reality. "You can get a school bus for less than $2,000!!" Which was exactly where I started looking. I found out that old school busses are so plentiful, if they never migrated down to mexico, they'd practically be free. Both eBay and Craigslist had hundreds of ideal 40' busses for cheap. But true to my nature I wondered how far I could go!
A nice big greyhound style coach quickly became my new favorite. with so much storage below they practically had a basement! These floated around the $10,000 mark, but when compared to endless property payments and bills.. What is $10k in the long run?
Knowing that this decision would impact the rest of my life, I decided to save up and hold off until 2016. There were so many choices and I had to make the right one.

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An idea is born!
June 11 2015

I saw it before, a picture of a converted bus scroll by as I trolled Facebook. Before, I simply grinned and acknowledged what a wild idea it was. That was before I graduated. Long before I snagged a really good job at a highly sought after engineering company.
The 2nd time I saw that same post scroll by it started a chain reaction of research and investigation that ingnited a raging flame of excitement and hope within me! The more I looked into bus living, the more that flame grew. I would be able to own a home that wouldn't actually own me instead! So I asked myself what it would take to make me happy.. a quick look around my living space and you would see more junk than a well stocked makerspace! Old computers, servos, wire, circuit boards, and endless containers of sorted electronic tidbits. I would need a bench to engineer, my computer to game, and the freedom to sleep 8 hours without something looming over me, constantly reminding me that peace is temporary.
It was time to put this idea to the test. I cautiously slipped the idea into a conversation with my folks who I was living with at the time... They loved it!! After my research we easily chatted about this wild idea and were swept away in imagination.

But what kind of bus should I get?..

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